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Cannon Business Finance

Brokers & Lenders

Why Us?

Cannon Business Finance services the whole state, with a focus in the Riverina and Murrumbidgee Irrigation area. The business is directed by David Cannon, with decades of experience in commercial and equipment finance.

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Why Use A Broker?

Our point of difference is our in-house finance products, along with mainstream and specialised lenders products, we boast an excellent range of options for any deal and can cater to any of your commercial finance needs.

  • No Charge for Service

    We offer our time free of charge to our clients because we receive a commission from the lenders when a loan is settled. This means you can tap into all of the benefits listed above at no cost to you. No success, no fee!

  • Quick and Easy Loan Comparisons

    Going straight to your current bank limits you to a narrow range of potential loans, but researching of all the options would take a very long time to complete on your own. We take the time to explore your individual circumstances and goals, and have access to a variety of loans and lenders. We can quickly identify the right options for your needs.

  • Experience and Expert Advice

    Loans are so much more than just interest rates. We can explain the various subtleties of loans on offer which can make a big difference to the bottom line. Factors such as the ability to make structured repayments or having a residual / balloon may end up being crucial factors in your selection process.

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